12 iPhone Tips and Tricks Ultimate List

This article has 12 iPhone tricks and tips, including iPhone 4, 3GS, and 3G tips and tricks. It basically shows you some cool tricks that you can do with your iPhone, which will make your iPhone experience more productive, and will save you a lot of time doing things on your iPhone.

* In Safari and any other application on the iPhone if you Tap the top bar between the battery and the time, the iPhone will automatically scroll up to the top of the page, and in safari it will bring up the URL bar.

* When entering a new URL in safari, if you press and hold the “.com” button you will have more options and then keep holding and slide to the one you want and release to pick one.

* Anywhere in your iPhone when there is typing, if you press and hold a specific letter you will have a pop up with various versions of the letter. This is useful when you’re typing something in another language that uses Latin letters, like Spanish.

* In Safari when ever there is a link if you press it and hold you will have options to open the link in the same window, a new window, or you can copy the link. You will also see the URL for this link.

* To do a soft reset to your iPhone (restart it), press and hold (home button + power button). Keep holding until you see the apple sign.

* You can take a Snapshot of your iPhone screen at any time, to do so press and hold Home button and quickly click the power button. This will take a snapshot image of your screen and save it in your pictures.

* You can enable certain restrictions or parental controls on your iPhone by going to settings>general>restrictions.

* Save images on safari. all you have to do is to press and hold on the image and you will have the option to save it, once it’s saved it will be added to your pictures.

* You can also Forward and rewind your music and videos on your iPhone iPod by pressing and holding the forward or the rewind button.

* On the lock screen on press the home button twice it will bring up your iPod controls.

* When typing anything on your iPhone if you press the space bar twice it will insert a period followed by a space.

* To move iPhone icons around, press and hold on any icon on your screen then you can move icons around and you can delete icons if you press on the x.


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