7 Ways to Increase iPhone Battery Life

Opinions and complaints about the iPhone battery life have flooded the internet over these past months, especially when the 3.0 update was liberated to function. Users become furious when their iPhones easily get hot and they seem to be draining a huge percentage of power every hour. Often times, the longest possible active period of the battery is 3 hours, then the battery goes kaput, and that is not something that users are happy about. In fact, the battery life is considered to be one of the iPhone’s “cons” when being compared to other prominent Smartphones in the market.

Fortunately, there are ways to alleviate this quandary. You’ve just got to be more aware of your iPhone. Furthermore, you also have to know the important features and applications that really matter. Otherwise, if there’s too much going on in your iPhone, that will just contribute to the dwindle of your iPhones battery life. Here are 7 ways to improve the longevity of your iPhone’s battery:

Put off the WiFi and Bluetooth

WiFi eats up a lot of battery power. If you’re in the office and in front of a personal computer with internet connection, this is the best time to turn of WiFi. Really, WiFi consumes a lot of battery energy, and if you don’t need to have network connection, it would be better to shut it down. If you’re on the go and will be busy with other things other than browsing from your iPhone, you probably wouldn’t need WiFi and Bluetooth. You can put these off by going to Settings.

Brightness should be modest

The logic behind this is simple. The brighter the screen, the more it uses power. Set it at a modest level. The Auto-Brightness feature is convenient as it automatically accustoms iPhone’s display to go with the current lighting conditions. However, this feature may also be taking a little power from the battery because it entails monitoring of settings. It would be better to settle with a dimmer yet clear display setting.

Put sound effects off

Sound effects can also eat up battery power. Putting sound effects off is easy. Just go to Settings, then General, then Sound effects, then turn it off.

Change the setting of email auto-checking

If you still have the default settings, your iPhone will check for new mails every 15 minutes. While it’s convenient during work days, it would be annoying during vacations or even during the weekends or at night time. To lessen the checking effort of your iPhone, choose a long interval between checkings, perhaps every 3 hours or more. But if you’re not expecting something important at the moment, it would be better to put auto-checking off.

Set Auto-Lock

The longer the display is in use, the more it uses battery power. Shut off the screen automatically by using the iPhone’s autolock feature. You can set your iPhone to automatically lock after 1 minute of being idle. Putting it to “sleep mode” every after usage can also greatly prolong battery life.

Keep your iPhone ON

This may come as a surprise, but keeping your iPhone ON in “sleep mode” is much better than completely turning it off. The fact is, turning ON your iPhone utilizes much more battery power than just leaving it to sleep. The sleep mode puts off all network activity.

Keep the temperature right

Keep your iPhone away from the heat of the sun. Better yet, keep your iPhone away from any environment that’s remarkably hot, as it will greatly reduce battery life. The best battery life atmosphere for iPhone usage is 32° to 95° F (0° to 35° C) and storage is around -4° to 113° F (-20° to 45° C)

All these might seem a lot to keep track on. But if you give attention to these little details, you can have a whole lot of extra battery life, no need for constant recharging.


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