Discovering Several Iphone Tips And Tricks

The iPhone has since mad a big hit on the market when it came out last June 2007. Many users and technologically advance hackers have tried to break it down and see how they can improvise it or get more from it than it is supposed to offer. They have even compiled several websites worth of tip and tricks to help iPhone users get the hang of their highly innovated mobile phone and multimedia gadget in one.

Iphone Tips and Tricks

One useful iphone tips and tricks is to switch to horizontal view when using your safari browser before tap on the address bar. This will give you a bigger and better to use QWERTY keyboard to type the web address you would like to visit. Compared to the vertical keyboard that usually comes on when you have it on normal vertical mode, the horizontal keyboard is better.

Another one of the iphone tips and tricks that may interest you is how to make a call directly from your Safari browser without going out of the browser and into your mobile phone component. When you have found a telephone number in your browser that you would like to call, all you have to do is tap the number you wish to call and it is dialed for you.

One more of those useful iphone tips and tricks is how to view a link and see where it goes. You are supposed to tap on a link to go to where it is, instead of going to the link, why don’t you first try to see if it does exist. Hold your fingertip on the link and this will produce an information balloon that will show you the URL of the link.

More iphone tips and tricks include a third way to scroll trough your contacts. The first two ways are either to flick your finger on the contacts list and the list moves or to tap your finger on one of the alphabets running on the side. The third way is to hold your finger on the alphabet list and move it up or down. This is a more controlled way of going through your contacts list and not as rapid.

There are many more iphone tips and tricks available in the internet. Some of tem you might even discover for yourself as you are using your iphone unit. Just be careful experimenting with your iphone especially if you have just gotten it. Keep the manual beside you when trying it out for the first time to avoid costly mistakes.


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